Launch the QuizBowl PRO Match Manager program on your Windows PC, and players can ring-in just by touching their phones or tablet devices:
Each of 6 teams can have up to 5 players, but you can also involve your entire team (or class) in an activity because up to 40 players can participate head-to-head:
On a toss-up (and if your competition format allows), QuizBowl PRO offers you easy-to-read buttons for Power, Right, Wrong, and Neg:
Need a dedicated wireless router and/or dedicated (i.e., identical) devices for an 8-10 player competition system?  We can help, and the overall price of a kit will surprise you.  Call us at 312-881-7371 or write to us at for more information.
You can either click on these buttons with your mouse (or your finger, if you have a touchscreen display) OR you can press the keyboard shortcut keys printed under each button's name: P for Power, + for Right, - for Wrong, and N for Neg.

What could be easier?
2. Ask your IT Coordinator to follow the instructions on our Support Page to download/install the Player Apps and to check the configuration of your wireless router.
Already have a wireless router & player devices?  Then here's all you need to do:
1. Purchase a QuizBowl PRO Match Manager license online.  It's just $199!
QuizBowl PRO plays bonus questions - with or without rebounding/bounceback of missed parts - as well as team questions.

To top it all off, there's a live (editable) spreadsheet that you can access at any time during a match.